4 Reasons Why Disney's Boardwalk Resort is the Best Disney Resort

You might’ve been able to tell from the name of this blog, but Disney’s Boardwalk Resort is by FAR our favorite Disney resort! We believe it to be one of the most unique, comprehensive resorts on all of Disney property, offering a robust combination of the best location, dining, entertainment, and atmosphere. Today, we’re going to break down these four categories as to exactly why the Boardwalk excels in each of these areas compared to other Disney resorts!

1. Excellent Location

Located within walking distance (or a short boat ride) of not just one, but TWO parks, the Boardwalk sits central between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. Not only does staying at the Boardwalk save you travel time to both of these parks, but it also gives resort guests the option of taking a quick walk (or boat ride) back to their room for a break mid-day. No other resort on Disney property offers guests the ability to walk to two parks!


2. Robust Dining Options

There is certainly no shortage of food options in and around the Boardwalk! The Boardwalk itself is home to 5 table service restaurants and 6 quick service food stations, including: a bakery, an ice cream shop, Mexican, American, and Italian food, seafood, fine dining, funnel cakes, pizza, and more!

In addition, there are many restaurants and quick service stations within walking distance from the Boardwalk at the surrounding resorts, including the Swan & Dolphin, Beach Club, and Yacht Club. We especially love the Yacht Club’s quick service station, the Market at Ale & Compass, which has some healthier snack and meal options, including gourmet salads, sandwiches, meat and cheese trays, smoothies, and hummus cups!

3. Daytime & Nighttime Entertainment

Day and night (or really any time of the day!) Boardwalk has fun, unique entertainment options for every member of the family! Shopping, bike rentals, and carnival games are all popular day time activities. For the evening and night crowd, the Atlantic Dance Hall, street performances, and movie nights on the lawn are popular for those looking to spend an evening in Disney outside of the parks!

4. Unique Atmosphere

As a whole, the atmosphere of the Boardwalk is like none we’ve seen at any other resort on Disney property. What makes its atmosphere unique from others, you might ask? It might be the turn-of-the-century coastal vibe, or how its lobby  and intricate decor captures “the charm, whimsy and elegance of 1940s Atlantic City.” But really, we feel as though the Boardwalk is an escape from the regular busyness of Disney - a hidden gem among a property already full of magical ambience and experiences.

So if you’re looking for a memorable experience that will last throughout your ENTIRE Disney visit - not just during your time in the parks - consider staying at Disney’s Boardwalk. And even if you decide not to stay, don’t miss out on visiting this one of a kind resort! We have a feeling you’ll love it.

To Boardwalk and beyond!

Jenna & Nick