4 Super Fun FREE Things to do at Walt Disney World!


When most people think about going on a Walt Disney World vacation, the first thing they envision is the amount of money they’ll inevitably spend. We’re no exception to this!

Because we don’t want everything we do to cost money while we’re in Disney, over the past couple of years of exploring Disney property, we’ve pursued some creative ways to spend our time on there that don’t cost any money - and really, they’re some of our favorite things to do!

Today, we would love to share our top favorite free things to do on Walt Disney World property with you!


It’s quite often assumed that you can only go to a resort if you’re staying there. Thankfully, this isn’t true at all. In fact, any of Disney’s 28 resorts can be visited by anyone! Each resort offers its own theme and unique offerings. Depending on the type of resort you visit, you’ll find areas to walk around, restaurants to eat at, shops to spend more money in (but you’re not spending money because this is a “free” thing to do, remember), and some resorts even have free entertainment!

Some of our favorite resorts to visit are (do we have to even say it) Disney’s Boardwalk, Port Orleans, Grand Floridian, and Animal Kingdom Lodge.

  • At the Boardwalk, there are nightly entertainers Thursday through Saturday (we’ve seen street musicians, jugglers, and balancing acts!), free movies on the front lawn (on specific days - make sure you check their calendar!), and a beautiful walking path that leads right to EPCOT park.

  • Animal Kingdom Lodge hosts something completely unique to any Disney resort: real, exotic animals just a stone's throw away (but don’t throw stones) from overlooks and viewing areas (and we’re not just talking squirrels and birds). You’ll see giraffes, gazelles, elephants, and much more! We like to think of it as a “free” zoo!

  • The Grand Floridian is probably the most popular Disney resort (and possibly the most elegant!). It sits just a monorail ride away from Magic Kingdom, and has an incredible resting area inside the resort. If you go to the second floor of the resort, you’ll find a shop called “Basin” which sells soaps and salt scrubs. Best yet, they provide free salt scrub samples! Pop in and get your hands feeling clean and free of dead skin! AND it’s free!


Image by Chad Sparkes

Image by Chad Sparkes

A lot of people know Disney Springs as a “free” (no admittance fee, but you might want to bring some shopping money!) place you can go while on Disney property, but we couldn’t help mentioning it! Disney Springs hosts dozens of stores, restaurants and even a movie theater! But we’re talking free things here, so let’s crack open our favorite free things to do in Disney Springs.

(Before we begin: cars park FREE at Disney Springs in covered parking garages!)

  • Ghirardelli Chocolate (you may have heard of it before 😉) is an iconic and lux chocolate company known for their delicious and gourmet chocolate offerings. In Disney Springs, Ghirardelli has a little storefront connected to their very own ice cream store! Since we’re talking about FREE things to do, here’s a fun tip: walk into the Ghirardelli storefront. Trust us, it’ll be worth it! Every time you walk into the storefront, a Ghirardelli employee will hand you a FREE chocolate square! We stop here 2-3 times every time we visit Disney Springs, and think you should too!

  • While we’re on free stuff, browsing Disney Spring’s 109 stores doesn’t cost anything! We often spend hours walking around the stores, admiring different unique merchandise the stores offer and enjoying the unique theming and music of each store. As long as you leave your credit card in your wallet (or maybe in the car?!), this can be a fun and free way to enjoy Disney!

  • Basin doesn’t just have a storefront at the Grand Floridian, they also have one in Disney Springs! Pop in to get a free salt-scrub sample and clean those dirty hands. We stop here multiple times to keep germs away and hands feeling silky-smooth!

  • There’s a little performance stage near the entrance of Disney Springs that hosts different musicians, musical school groups and live entertainment all for FREE! It’s nice to take a little break from walking around and just take in the live music emitting from the stage.



Fort Wilderness offers resort guests and non-guest the opportunity to watch a movie every night under the stars (the Boardwalk only offers this on select nights)! Of course, this is all depending on the weather forecast (who wants to watch a movie in the rain?). These movies are offered every night after sundown and show Disney classic movies for all who wish to see. And we probably don’t have to say it but it’s FREE!

4. WATCH THE Fireworks!


We’re assuming you’re staying outside the parks for this freebie. If you go to Disney’s Boardwalk, the Grand Floridian or the Contemporary resort, you can view fireworks every night that shoot off from EPCOT or Magic Kingdom! In some ways, we find viewing the fireworks from a different location other than inside the parks as even more magical! It changes the perspective and definitely adds a unique perspective not many guests are able to see.

Hopefully these free things help get you started on planning your next Disney Vacation! We truly believe Disney doesn’t have to be expensive and can actually be done on the cheap. We wrote a blog post talking about this, so check it out here!

Until next time - to Boardwalk and Beyond!

Jenna & Nick