What to Wear & What Not to Wear on a Disney Park Day!


What you wear to a Disney park has the power to determine a few important things on your trip. For one, what you wear has the power to determine your comfort level. If it’s going to be hot and humid in the park on the day of your trip, you don’t want to add an extra level of discomfort by having to fight unsupportive shoes or unbreathable clothes! What you war also, whether you realize it or not, has the power to determine how long you’ll stay in the park. For example, uncomfortable shoes = less time walking in the parks, because, trust me, your feet will give sooner rather than later!

So if you’re trying to figure out what to wear (or maybe… what to avoid wearing?) during your park days in Disney World, we have a few tips to share based on our personal experience!

First, Prioritize:

  • Comfort: Chances are, if you’re headed to Disney from out of state, you’ll be pulling some long park days - possibly spending 8 to 12 hours in one park (or in multiple parks!) at a time! Make sure you prioritize comfort most of all.

  • Accessibility: For me (Jenna) on a park day, it’s important for me to have accessibility and to be able to carry as many things on my person as I think I’ll need throughout the (long) day! Having pockets and/or a backpack or small crossbody bag makes it easy to keep what you need accessible.

Second, stay away from...

Do you see my feet? WHY?!

Do you see my feet? WHY?!

  • Flip flops and uncomfortable shoes! I (Jenna) used to wear dollar Old Navy FLIP FLOPS to Disney. For 8 to 12 hours at a time. My feet were always aching by the end of the day (because, you know, flip flops have zero support) and made the experience a little less enjoyable.

  • Dresses & Skirts Sans Shorts: If you’re a lady, stay away from dresses/skirts without shorts underneath (because: chafing. Need I say more?). While dresses can be light and breezy in hot and humid Florida temps, neglecting to wear shorts underneath can cause some serious not-so-good friction.

Last, do consider...

  • Making comfortable shoes your top priority! Not only will your feet thank you, but truly, you will be able to have a MUCH better time by prioritizing your footwear. Style is secondary, here. Also, it might sound obvious, but consider wearing shoes that will easily stay on your feet! I.e., you may want to leave those backless sandals at home!

  • Wearing a Dress (don’t forget the shorts!): If you’re a lady, consider wearing a dress. Dresses can be a great (and breezy) way to fight the Florida heat and humidity, while still looking cute! But don’t forget to wear shorts underneath - it will make getting in and out of rides a little easier! ;)

  • Light layers: These can be a HUGE help in the winter months, when it is hot during the day and cooler in the evening. Throw a light hoodie or sweater in your bag if you’ll be visiting the parks between December and February!

  • Sunglasses: Need I say more? That Florida sun is BRIGHT! Your eyes will thank you!

  • A small crossbody bag or light backpack: Something light and comfortable will do the trick! From personal experience, I recommend a backpack. If I bring even a small cross body purse, I end up throwing it in our backpack just a few hours into the day!

  • Breathable fabrics and materials: In the summer months, think light and breezy fabrics to keep you from overheating! No one wants to leave the Disney park early from heat exhaustion.

We hope these tips help you have a more comfortable (and magical) experience on your next Disney vaca!

Happy planning, friends! And until next time,

To Boardwalk & Beyond!

Jenna & Nick