5 Must-Do Epcot Rides


Epcot. Gosh, don’t you just love hearing that name? Epcot is our #1 favorite park in Walt Disney World. It has so much to offer that not many people are even aware of! While it’s generally geared more towards adults, it can be tons of fun for the whole family!

While we have you here, let’s talk about the # MUST do rides at Epcot!

  1. Spaceship Earth


Location: Epcot’s “Golf-ball”

You’ve already seen Spaceship Earth even if you’ve ever visited Epcot! It resides inside the iconic geosphere shaped like a golf-ball at the park’s entrance. There’s no doubt as to why they placed this ride inside of an iconic landmark at Disney - because the ride is also iconic!

This “dark ride” (a name Disney uses for non-outdoor rides) attraction is a slow-moving lesson of human history, showcasing time-periods as far back as the stone-age and promising a bright and beyond-imagination future! Many different animatronics are used within this ride to bring the progress of human history to life, as well as how we shaped the current world, and how we’ll continue to shape the future.

Throughout your entire journey on Spaceship Earth, you’ll be able to interact with the ride and even create your very own future in a digital simulation, right from your seat on the ride! It’s a great ride that holds your attention the entire time while also giving you a 10+ minute break from the hot Florida weather, and time to relax. Be sure to visit this ride at least once at your next Epcot visit!

Photo by  Bob Owen

Photo by Bob Owen

2. Living with the Land

Location: The Land Pavilion

Probably one of the most underrated rides at Epcot, Living with the Land is a combined dark ride and greenhouse tour all done from the convenience of a moving boat! You’ll be shown different types of climates around the world where animals and vegetation thrive and (our favorite part) be transported to Epcot’s very own greenhouse!

There’s so much to take in while on this ride! You’ll see dozens of different plants, fish, and other vegetation, all being grown within Epcot. The cool thing is, they use all the greenhouse content at restaurants in Epcot! Not only is it the longest-timed attraction in Epcot, it’s also a nice way to relax and enjoy incredible human innovation of greenhouse ecosystems!

3. Soarin’ Around the World

Location: The Land Pavilion

Photo by  Josh Hallett

Photo by Josh Hallett

You may have heard of this ride before: as one of the MOST popular rides at Epcot, Soarin’ is a ride unlike any we’ve EVER been on! This ride is a simulation that uses moving gliders that places you in-front of a massive, floor to ceiling IMAX-like screen. The entire premise, as seen in the name, is that you’re “soarin’” around the world, seeing places like the Swiss Alps, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Great Wall of China, and more from a bird’s eye view!

The amazing part about this ride is that it actually tricks your brain into thinking you’re actually flying into and around a different country! The ride incorporates smooth and realistic motion, as well as smells from each scene to enhance the experience and make you feel like you’re really soarin’ through a different part of the world! As you fly through Africa, you’ll smell ACTUAL grass and dirt...how in the world do they even get that smell so spot on?!

This ride is without a doubt a MUST do. Even if you have to wait in line, do it! Or, get your FastPass ready a few months prior to your trip. Don’t miss this ride!

Photo by  Josh Hallett

Photo by Josh Hallett

4. Test Track

Location: Future World

We’d be shocked if you’ve never hear of Test Track! This is definitely a great ride for thrill-junkies, primarily because it takes you on speeds of 60mph+! Test Track is considered a “high speed slot car” attraction, using a car built into the track to take you through a series of tests to determine how effective your car is on all levels.

The thing we love most about this ride is the built-in interactive car-design all riders can participate in from the comforts of the ride queue line! Using touch screens in a special closed-off room, you’ll design a car to fit your personality and, once you’re through the line, take it for a drive to see how it tests out!

We love this ride because of the thrill and high-octane thrills, and because they offer single-rider line queues! This basically means you can get through the line quicker IF your don’t mind riding with a stranger (hey, we love strangers!). There’s nothing quite like speeding through a queue line to speed at 60mph+ around a massive outdoor track!

5. Frozen Ever After

Location: Norway Pavilion

Last but not least - this is one of the BEST rides on our ride list! Frozen Ever After is a log flume attraction located inside the Norway Pavilion (definitely as cool as it sounds). This is a dark water ride attraction with some pretty incredible storytelling! You’ll relive parts of your favorite scenes from the movie Frozen, and encounter some amazing animatronic characters the whole way through!

One huge reason we love this ride because the attention to detail. At different parts of the ride, you’ll find yourself in complete awe at how beautiful the scenery, lighting, and story setting are! There’s also a little bit of thrill involved as your log get’s shot backward out of Elsa’s castle!

But our absolute favorite part of this ride doesn’t have anything to do with the ride itself. Like most of the newer Disney rides, this ride comes equipped with an interactive and completely immersive queue line! Right as you enter the line, you’ll be transported to the land of Arendelle. Walk through the small village and even enter the log cabin where you’ll see some familiar faces from the movie! We don’t mind waiting in the queue-line for this ride, and we doubt you won’t either!

We hope you’re able to hit all these rides and more on your next Disney World vacation!

Until next time, to boardwalk and beyond!

Jenna & Nick