If We Had ONE Day in Walt Disney World!

Every single day, without exception, Jenna and I (Nick writing) will ask each other a specific question. It’s the same question we ask every day. This question has brought me so much happiness and laughter. It’s allowed us both to dream even if we were facing a not-so-stellar day. What’s the question?

If you could be in Disney World RIGHT NOW, where would you go and what would you do?!

Sure, it’s silly. Yes, it’s a bit weird. Uh-huh, we’re definitely addicted and obsessed with Disney World. So today, we’re leaning into our weird-ness! Today, we’re going to tell YOU exactly what WE would do if we had ONE DAY in Disney!!!

To set this up, let’s go over the basics: we are assuming we’re waking up in Orlando at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort (of course!), and we’re also assuming our day begins at 7:00am and ends at 12:00am. Also, today is Extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom, meaning it stays open till midnight! We’re also going to assume we’ve bought a park hopper for 2, pre-loaded all our FastPasses to our favorite rides, and that we’re eating on property for all 3 meals (and some snacks 😉). Mainly for my sake, let’s pretend none of the food we’re eating has any calories or carbs!

Okay, here we go!

view from our balcony at the Boardwalk on our honeymoon!


We’re up and getting ready! Packing our back pack with all the essentials (find out what we mean here)

Nick is basically taking a bath-soak in sun screen, Jenna is doing her hair reaaal purttty, and we’ve got our Magic Bands slapped on our wrists.

7:00am (…the usual morning line-up 😉Get it?!)

We made a reservation for one of our favorite restaurants at Disney World, Trattoria al Forno, at 7:30am! With to-go coffees in hand, we’re leisurely walking through the Boardwalk resort to Trattoria al Forno, which happens to be located right on the Boardwalk lake-side!


We’re a bit early for our reservation, and get seated right on time! Of course, we’re getting mimosas, Nick’s ordering their famous tiramisu waffles and Jenna is getting her usual delicious veggie omelette! We’ve also already consumed around 3 cups of coffee each.


Our meal is finished and we’re heading to our first park: Hollywood Studios! We love this park because it’s within walking distance of the Boardwalk and gives us the ability to enjoy the Florida weather as we walk the long path toward the park!

9:00am - 11:30am


The park is now open, and we’re one of the firsts inside! Because we didn’t want to waste a FastPass, we immediately head to the Tower of Terror to take advantage of the early and short lines! Right after, we head over to another famous attraction, Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster! We get in quickly because of our FastPasses and enjoy this incredibly thrilling ride! Our next FastPass takes us to Toy Story Mania, one of our all-time favorite rides in Hollywood Studios! Seriously, this ride is WAY better than any other shooting gallery ride on Disney property. Our last stop has us attending a long-standing attraction: Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

11:30am - 12:30pm

It’s lunch time! We’ve chosen to eat at The Hollywood Brown Derby, a classy remake of the originally restaurant found in Hollywood. We found this place on our honeymoon and fell in-love with it! We’re both ordering their world-famous Cobb Salad, which, fun fact, was originally invented at the first Brown Derby!

Whew…we made it through one park, now onto some more fun!

12:30pm - 1:00pm

Park-hoppin’ time! We’re walking back to the Boardwalk, and THEN walking to Epcot which is only a 5 minute walk from the Boardwalk! (If you didn’t catch that, Hollywood Studios AND Epcot are connected by walking trail! Pretty awesome!)

1:00pm - 7:00pm


We’ll spend the majority of our time in Epcot because it’s our FAVORITE park of all! To get things started, we’re heading to Soarin’ on our first FastPass. We both love how Disney uses Soarin’ as a way to connect all our senses to an attraction, even our sense of smell!

After Soarin’ we’re going to head across the hall to a highly underrated attraction, Living on the Land! This boat-ride attraction takes its rider’s on a journey to multiple climates, explaining the importance of earth preservation. The best part of this ride is the food lab built in Epcot with hundreds of different plants and animals being grown right in front of your very eyes!

It’s time to take a little break from rides and just walk around the World Showcase. This is BY FAR our favorite thing to do when in Disney World! We like to look through all the shops, visit every country, talk with cast members from each country, and try some delicious food! So let’s stop and get some snacks!

If you were in the Germany pavilion to witness our snackage, you’d find Jenna running into Germany’s Karamell-Kuche to grab herself a Salted Caramel Fudge Brownie, while you’d see wide-grinning Nick coming out of Germany’s Sommerfest snack shack with a jumbo pretzel in-hand! Mmm...salty!

While passing through the Italy Pavilion, we stop to watch a street-performing mime who always has us in stitches from laughter! If you didn’t know, some country’s feature live performers throughout the World Showcase! Japan and China pavilions display their best dancers and gymnasts every few hours. Free entertainment!

Onto our next FastPass, we find ourselves walking toward the Norway pavilion to get in-line for Frozen Ever-After, an incredible water-ride with some of our favorite Disney characters!

We’ll continue to walk through each country’s pavilion, stopping at Nick’s favorite pavilion: Mexico! This beautiful pavilion is the only pavilion hosting the majority of its showcase inside an ancient Mayan temple. The most beautiful feature of this pavilion is that it’s set at night, with breathtaking features of night-life in Mexico City!

Finally, we find ourselves in Future World, where we’ll use our next FastPass on SpaceShip Earth, also known as the giant golf ball! This is one of Nick’s favorite rides and we typically ride it multiple times throughout our stay at Walt Disney World.

Since we’re still in Future World, we’ll use our final FastPass on TestTrack, an incredible ride that hits 60+ mph!

Now we’re both getting hungry again, so we’ll stop over at the Italy pavilion to eat at Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria. Since calories don’t matter today, we’ll be ordering quattro formaggi pizza LARGE and wolfing it down like it’s our last meal.

Epcot has been a delightful and exciting experience for us! Now onto our final park for the day...



It’s going to take a chunk of an hour to jump on a monorail and head to Magic Kingdom, but we probably need the rest at this point! We’ll arrive at Magic Kingdom with 4.5 hours to spare before the park closes at midnight.

7:30pm - 12:00am

As we enter Magic Kingdom, we’ll intentionally slow-down to take in all the sights and sounds on Main Street USA. Something we always try to do when in Disney is take-in simple moments together so we can both be more present and not take for granted what we’re experiencing.

We’ll make our first FastPass stop at Space Mountain, an incredible indoor roller coaster with some awesome history (check out some history here)! Since we’re in Tomorrowland, we’ll also head over to Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, which is a themed show attraction with live comedians controlling digital monsters and interacting with guest! This show always gives us a good laugh!

Since it’s getting later, we kinda just want to spend time people-watching...so we’ll hop on the People Mover and enjoy watching people walk around Tomorrowland. Yeah we’re creeps...we know. We’re also pretty exhausted at this point, which is why we hopped on the People Mover. Did you know it’s one of the longest Disney World attractions clocking in at little more than 10 minutes long? It’s a great place to relax and rest after walking all day in the hot Florida sun!

Jenna’s sweet tooth finally catches up with her after dinner, and she’s declares, “It’s now time for us to consume large quantities of sugar!” No Disney trip of ours is complete without us visiting Main Street Confectionary, where Jenna grabs a large chocolate chip cookie and Nick purchases a Mickey ear cookie. Traditionally, we sit in a little alley located on Main Street USA to consume our delicious cookies. We love this alleyway because it has little hidden pieces of magic in it, including a dance and music studio with voices and songs streaming out of the window above us!

We still have two FastPasses left and little time to spare! We’re off to Fantasyland to go Jenna’s favorite ride of all time, Peter Pan’s Flight! The simplicity of this ride is what makes it Jenna’s favorite ride. The incredible story-telling, flying through the air on a ship, and the magic of Peter Pan coming to life before our very eyes makes this ride near and dear to our hearts!

It’s nearly 9:00pm and that means fireworks! But we aren’t going to watch them...because we never do. We use this time to take advantage of the short wait-time for rides. While people are peering into the sky, watching fireworks explode all around them, we’re sneaking onto Pirates of the Caribbean to “get a lil’ captain in us”. And shortly after, we’re climbing into a runaway train to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! During the fireworks, this is the PERFECT ride to get a magical view of Magic Kingdom. Between the fireworks you can see the stars twinkling, music playing, and sound of explosives in the sky. It’s purely magical!

We’ve got one FastPass left and it’s getting late. Our day is almost over. So we’re going to head over to Nick’s favorite ride in Magic Kingdom: Splash Mountain! We don’t mind getting a little wet, and even try to get on this ride a second time before we leave the park for the day.


Finally, our day is ending. The cast members are wishing all the guests goodnight, waving as we walk toward the exit of the park. Jenna and Nick are walking hand-in-hand down Main Street USA, completely exhausted, completely happy, completely blessed to have spent an entire day together at Walt Disney World.

We’ll get on a bus back to the Boardwalk, and lazily walk back to our room. We crash into our bed, and immediately fall asleep. Our dreams are filled with memories of the long day we spent together, and we rest easy knowing we had a magical experience we’ll remember our entire lives.

The end.

Thanks for joining us on our fake magical one-day trip around Walt Disney World!

Until next time, to Boardwalk and Beyond!