7 Ways to Destress Your Disney Vacation!

When most people think of planning a Disney vacation, there’s almost certainly some stress involved. You’re spending a lot of money to create a magical vacation with your family. You want everyone to walk away from this experience happy, refreshed, and looking fondly back on your trip! This is a goal we all have. But often times, most people end up going to Disney world, spending loads of money, sweating in the heat, and feeling more stressed than before they left for vacation.

Today, we’re going to give you ways to destress your Disney vacation! Our goal in everything we write is to help you and your family have intentional Disney vacations focused on your family growing closer as well as getting the most adventure out of your experience.


1. Create a vacation itinerary

This may seem simple, but it’s probably the most overlooked planning tip for most Disney vacationers. It’s so important to know which day you’re going to the park, where you’ll be eating, what rides you want to hit, and anything else! It saves time, frustration, and keeps the whole family on the same page.

We’ve created a simple yet powerful itinerary template we’d like to share with you! Enter your email below and we’ll send it over to you right away. No charge or spam from us!

2. Have family huddles

Who wants to go on Haunted Mansion? Or Splash Mountain? Does anyone actually like going on it’s a small world? Instead of having fights and squabbles over which rides or parks to visit the day of, spend some time before your trip to ask each family member, no matter how small, what they’d like to do on vacation!

We do this with our entire family when we travel down together, and also do evening huddles to ensure we’re going where we all want to go the next day. It really helps keep things running smooth and everyone happy!


3. Download the My Disney Experience app!

This is a free app available for both Disney World and Disneyland. It has amazing features all in one place, such as: wait times for attractions, a GPS map, ability to book FastPasses and make dinner reservation, view Disney Photopass gallery, check park hours, view park tickets and more! The app is a real destresser because it gives you all the information in one place. Go ahead and download it! The next few tips will utilize the app for maximum vacation relaxation!

4. Make dinner reservations in advance

Did you know you can make dinner reservations at most Disney World restaurants? In fact, you can make them up to 180 days prior to your trip! Making dinner reservations gives a clear plan of where you need to be and when. It’s also a great opportunity to get the whole family to agree on eating at one specific restaurant instead of going in circles trying to find a place the suits everyone. Having the ability to walk into a restaurant with a reservation ensures you’ll have a more intentional time with your family! Also note: it’s nearly impossible to just walk into a sit down restaurant and get seating. 99% of the time the entire restaurant is booked. Yet another reason to book in advance!

You can make reservations by using the My Disney Experience app or by calling the reservations hotline (407) WDW-DINE).

5. Book your FastPasses early!

By using the My disney Experience app, you can also book FastPasses! A FastPass gives you the ability to book when and what time you’ll arrive at an attraction so you won’t have to wait in long lines. You’d be silly not to use this awesome resource!

Here’s the rules: you can book your FastPasses up to 30 days in advance ONLY IF you have your park tickets purchased already. If you happen to be staying on Disney property, you can book up to 60 days in advance! Family huddles become even more valuable with the amazing tool of FastPass planning :)

6. Define a clear leader of your group

This may seem silly, but who is the leader of your group? If you’re going with your kids, it’ll likely be mom or dad, or both! Having one person to make the final decisions for the entire group saves a lot of time and frustration.

Nick is the leader of our group when we go on vacations with his parents, sister and brother-in-law. He organizes where we’re eating, which parks we’re visiting and small details in-between. Then, he hosts a family huddle a few months before we leave to ensure everyone likes the plan! This tip alone has saved us from having fights and frustrating arguments over silly things like where we’re eating. Pick a leader and let them be the person to drive the group!

7. Leave space to rest and to enjoy your experience

One of the biggest complaints we hear from people, especially parents with young children, is how stressful and exhausting a Disney vacation can be. It certainly can be both of those things if you’re not intentional with how you spend your time.

We recommend not going to multiple parks a few days in a row. This leaves everyone feeling exhausted and rushed. If you want to get the most out of your Disney vacation, you’ll have to intentionally build in time for rest and relaxation. Instead of heading into the parks every day, why not leisurely visit resorts? It’s free and fun! Or spend a day laying out in the sun at the pool. If you want to destress your vacation, schedule rest! It’ll be a vacation-changing experience.

We hope you’re able to use these tips to destress and enjoy every moment of your Disney vacation! Having intentional vacations isn’t an easy task, but if you put in a little work before your trip it can make all the different.