6 Best Quick-Service Restaurants in Magic Kingdom!

You’re on the go, you’ve gotta make it to your next Fast Pass time slot, and you’re hungry! What are the best places to get a quick bite to eat when you’re in Magic Kingdom?

Look no further! We’ve got you covered. We’ll provide you with a few of our favorite places, starting with our least favorite, and include some notable meals at each place. As a bonus, we’re also including whether the restaurant has dietary options (i.e. vegan, keto, etc.), or if you can alter food choices to make it dietary specific. As an EXTRA bonus for our fellow coffee-lovers, we’ll include if they serve coffee (hint: they all do!)

Let’s dive right in…


6.) Gaston’s Tavern - Fantasyland

Sandwiches, Snacks, Desserts, Drinks (Coffee!)

Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Gluten-Free

Located in Fantasyland is the Gaston’s Tavern, a quick-service snack shack. The most notable eats here is the ham & swiss sandwich (with chips), fruit & cheese picnic platter, and warm cinnamon roll! You can also find small snacks for children here.

The most popular item at Gaston’s Tavern is LeFou’s Brew, a simple beverage containing frozen apple juice, toasted marshmallow and topped with passion-fruit mango foam. It’s definitely refreshing, and you can even get a souvenir stein with an added cost!


5.) Sleepy Hollow - Liberty Square

Waffles Sandwiches, Funnel Cakes, Desserts, Drinks (Coffee!)


You’ll find Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square. If you’re into sweets, waffles, with an odd but delicious combo of dessert and southern-comfort food, you’ll love Sleepy Hollow! Most notable meals include sandwiches made with waffle “buns”. They also have a delicious ice cream churro sandwich! Make sure to stop by and grab a bite to eat, especially if you’ve got a sweet tooth 😉.

4.) Pinocchio Villa Haus - Fantasyland

Pasta, Salads, Flatbreads, Soup, Desserts (Coffee!)

Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Fish/Shellfish, Peanut/Tree Nut, Soy

Pinocchio Villa Haus is probably one of the most allergy/dietary consciences of all Magic Kingdom restaurants! They offer all types of flatbreads to fit specific allergy restrictions, as well as dietary. The reason we like this quick-service is it provides every member of the family with something quick but delicious to eat! Most notable is their vast library of flatbreads, and the fact they can make them allergy-free! They also offer vegan cheese on pizza’s, which our vegan brother-in-law JJ loves!



3.) Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café - Tomorrowland

Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Sandwiches, Salad, Desserts, Drinks (Coffee!)

Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Gluten-Free

Did you know Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café is one of the busiest restaurants in the world?! If you’re looking for a quick burger and french fries to chow down, this is by far the best place to visit. Mostly serving burgers, hotdogs, and french fries, there are also salad options and even a plant-based vegan sloppy joe! Their most notable meal is definitely any of their hamburgers, but during the dinner hour they serve a ½ rotisserie chicken!


2.) Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe - Frontierland

Hamburgers, Nachos, Rice Bowls, Salads, Drinks (Coffee!)

Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Fish/Shellfish, Peanut/Tree Nut, Soy

If you’re looking for some quick-service Mexican food, you’ve found the right place! Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe offers a variety of Mexican-style food, hamburgers, and allergy-free options! Their most notable meals include their rice bowls, nachos, and plant-based cheeseburger! If you’re looking to eat something quick and healthy, they also have fresh salads that we highly recommend trying!

1.) Casey’s Corner - Main Street, U.S.A.


Hot dogs, Fried Pickles(seasonal), Corn dogs, Snacks, Drinks (Coffee!), Desserts

Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free

We may be bias, but Casey’s Corner is our FAVORITE quick service! They provide huge hot dogs for a decent price, something rare in Disney World! In addition to offering amazing hot dogs, they also have created a few vegan and vegetarian options, like the plant-based hot dog. Most notable is obviously their hot dogs, but they also have amazing loaded corn dog nuggets that are a MUST try!

There are many places in Magic Kingdom that offer great quick-service, but we particularly love all of the ones we mentioned above! Let us know if you’re able to try any of the restaurants we mentioned and what your overall impressions are.

Until next time, to boardwalk and beyond!