About US

Hello friends! We’re Jenna and Nick. Welcome to our page that’s all about Disney World, Disney’s Boardwalk resort and beyond! We're a married couple who live in Pittsburgh, PA, with a piece of our hearts residing in Orlando, FL. Disney's Boardwalk is our favorite spot on Disney property (us pictured to the left!), but really - we love all things Disney! Most of all, we love the incredible experience and magic they seek to give to each guest who visits. Our hope for this page is to share some of the most magical parts of Disney with you, as well as educate and inspire your Disney World vacation adventures!

OUR MIssion

Less of a mission and more of a passion, we are here to be your guides, your sherpas, your Rafikis, your educators! A week doesn’t go by without someone asking us a question about Disney, how we’re able to go to Disney World so often, and to help them plan their trip. We’re here to trail-blaze with you toward your next Disney World vacation and add adventure to it in anyway we can! With educational content, inspirational fun and a bit of pixie dust, we’ll help you reach vacation magic like you’ve never experienced before! After-all, it’s all about the memories we take with us and the experiences we leave behind us that make our lives magical!